"I see a great future - everyone knows their job and does it well…."

Clear Goals

"We know where we are going - and have a plan to get there...."

Joined-up Process

"I no longer worry about sales - when we do the right things, the orders will come...."

Great Teamwork

"It's not all about me - we have a great team...."

Life Balance

"Now I have more time to think because I'm not the only one driving the business...."

Me the leader

"My job is to lead and to develop the team - they grow the business...."

Is your business "Good to Grow"?

Are these essential ingredients in place?

We can help - Business Growth is our focus.

What we do
TIML has a simple mission – we help Owners and Directors take their business "to the Next Level".
We work with our clients to develop a clear of vision of what success will look like, identify barriers that stand in the way and create effective plans for business and personal Growth.
We provide support through:-
- Sound business advice
- 1 to 1 Coaching & Mentoring
- Team Coaching
- Training Workshops
- Non-Executive Director roles

Who we work with
Sectors we support include niche manufacturing, engineering, import/export, retail, logistics, business & professional services. Our methods are proven effective regardless of industry or sector.

About our clients
Our clients have worked hard to get where they are today. They are ready to make a "new push for growth" and know they can get there. They also know Growth will come quicker with help from those who have "done it before" - and that's where TIML comes in.

What makes us different?
We are passionate about business. We enjoy learning new skills and techniques as we apply our knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve their ambitions.